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Frequently Asked Questions About PSYCH-K®

How Does PSYCH-K® Work?

PSYCH-K® processes allow communication directly with the subconscious to test for limiting beliefs and then produces a state of mind that is receptive to change. Within minutes, limiting beliefs are replaced with empowering beliefs. This process is called a Balance.

How does PSYCH-K® communicate with the subconscious?

PSYCH-K® uses a specific type of muscle testing to check the subconscious for limiting beliefs or perceptions. Muscle testing is an extremely effective way to communicate with the subconscious, because this part of the mind also controls motor functions such as movement. When the subconscious is presented with a statement it believes to be false, it sends a delayed or disrupted neurological signal to the muscle being tested. The false statement produces a weak muscle test, whereas a statement that is consistent with the subconscious belief system allows the muscle to remain strong. Depending upon the muscle response, we can determine whether the subconscious is holding a particular belief.

How are beliefs changed in the subconscious? 

PSYCH-K® processes create a state of mind that is receptive to change at the subconscious level. We refer to this state as a Whole-Brain State, because the left and right hemispheres of the brain are in balanced, simultaneous communication with each other. Using the power of the whole-brain state, we can replace old negative tapes and programs with positive beliefs and perceptions.

How long does it take to change a belief?

The processing power of the subconscious mind is enormous; it can handle thousands of tasks simultaneously. Because balances utilize the whole brain, an old belief can be changed within minutes to a new life-enhancing one. The process is simple, direct, and verifiable through muscle testing.

How will PSYCH-K® affect my life?

Your beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. When you hold positive beliefs, you can create far more success in relationships, job performance, self-esteem, athletics, weight loss, prosperity, and even your physical health than if you hold sabotaging beliefs. PSYCH-K® can also help with spiritual growth or with recovering from grief, loss, and depression. These processes have also helped people conquer phobias, such as fear of flying or speaking in front of groups.

How quickly will I notice a change from a PSYCH-K® Balance?

The results of a Balance (i.e., a PSYCH-K® change process) may be felt instantaneously or may evolve over time (hours, days, weeks or longer). For example, if your goal is to find a new job, you may feel the release of fear around changing jobs or of being unemployed at the time of the balance. However, acquiring a new job may take additional time and action, for example, researching new career opportunities, interviewing, etc.

How long does a Balance last?

Balances last until they are no longer useful to the subconscious mind or until you decide to balance for a new goal. Life is an evolutionary process, so what you balance for at one time in your life may not be appropriate at another time.

Who was the originator of PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® originated with Robert M. Williams, M.A., a psychotherapist who is personally committed to helping individuals recognize their divinity, discover their greatness, and become the peace they seek. PSYCH-K® is a unique blend of many diverse healing approaches Rob studied, and whose integration came about in a series of “intuitive leaps of consciousness.

If You Want to Take More PSYCH-K® Workshops What’s the next Step:

You have two options after taking the Basic Workshop. You can take the Master Facilitation Workshop or the Advanced Acceleration Workshop. It doesn’t matter which one you take next. It doesn’t matter how long you wait to take the Master Facilitation or Advanced Workshop, it’s a personal preference. Some people want to dive in and experience all that PSYCH-K has to offer. This was my journey as you might have gathered! Other people find that the Basic Workshop is all they need and that is great too!

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Registration and Payment Process

Step 1: Contact us to ensure that there is space available. [email protected]

Step 2: 50% payment to reserve your space or you may send the total tuition. The remaining balance is due by the first day of the workshop.

Step 3: Send an email with how you would like to pay. Payment can be made by check, money orders, Zelle, or Venmo with no extra fees.

  • Checks/money orders: Make payable to Joan Cameron. Mail to: Joan Cameron 5916 South Hood Avenue. Portland, Or. 97239 

  • Venmo or Zelle – contact us for instructions. 

  • We will send you a PayPal link for Credit Card Payments Additional fees included: Basic Workshop $25

  • Step 4: Include: 

  • Full name – or as you’d like to see it on the Affirmation of Completion.

  • Phone number 

  • Preferred Email 

  • Which workshop, location, and date you’ll be attending

  • Cancellation Policy

    These are unique times. Please contact us to discuss.

    Participants Share Their Experience

    "Joan's passion and love for what she does truly shines through and is felt. She is patient and truly wants to help and create change and teaches PSYCH-K in a way that is efficient and effective. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I enjoyed having a small group as we were able to have more attention and direction from Joan!" 

    – Chelsea Simpson

    "I continue to be happy and involved in PSYCH-K and have taken the Basic, Master Facilitation, and Advanced Workshops. Joan is very helpful as she keeps it simple and keeps discussions on track. Her open heart and care for her students is obvious. Her enthusiasm is infectious." 

    – Laura Deming.

    Though I had longed to try something like PSYCH-K I didn’t believe it was a good use of our retirement money. Boy has that belief changed! The life my husband and I are now living is exponentially different than it was before. We have taken responsibility for the limiting beliefs and we continue to experience old, worn-out belief-structures literally collapse at an accelerated pace. Thank you, Joan!" 

    – Debi Tucker

    "I have done so much transformational work and learned lots of techniques spanning my 40-year career. The PSYCH-K shifted something in me in ways that feel permanent at a primal level of consciousness. It is so deeply satisfying and sustaining. I feel all my goals have been met in interesting and sometimes very subtle ways. I have been experiencing a huge burst of creativity, commitment and endurance since we worked together. Bouncing out of bed, eating well, diving into writing 3 training manuals and getting lots of offers from people to support the projects I am working on. I so loved the PSYCH-K work, it is a missing piece with the work I do. I can see how it can give people the regenerative imprints, so they do not fall back into their old bad habits and emotional patterns. I am profoundly grateful for your presence and your work. Thank you. ”

    – Namea Portland, Oregon

    Human beings and our relationship with Mother Earth is at crisis point and a time of Great Awakening. The world needs your transformation. I am committed to helping you shine your brightest light to feed the ocean of consciousness with love.


    You can contact us via [email protected]