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This workshop is designed for people seeking accelerated transformation and advanced processes creating harmony in relationships, building rapport and effective communication, and a deepening understanding of energy and intuition. The Basic Workshop is required.

Tuition: $1200

The Basic Workshop is required.

You do not need to take the Master Facilitation before taking the Advanced.

Why take the PSYCH-K® Advanced Workshop?

This workshop is for those ready for accelerated change in their own lives and go deeper in PSYCH-K® thought form, the transformational power of intention and love, plus learn advanced processes.

These processes address specific areas such as Relationships, Core Beliefs, Rapport and Effective Communication, as well diving into a deeper experience of energy through a process called Belief Points and Energy Focusing.

You will learn how to transform the trauma of birth and fear of death. A big favorite is that you will learn a process called surrogation that will allow you to help family, friends, or clients remotely. You can even help pets and those no longer on this physical plain.

This workshop is for anyone who has taken the Basic Workshop and does NOT require any practice time. Some people love to come right away to take a big leap in their transformation while others prefer to wait. Do what your heart tells you. These powerful balances can dramatically accelerate your overall personal growth by clearing multiple issues at once.

In the Advanced Workshop, you’ll experience and learn all change processes to help yourself and others.

What You’ll learn in the PSYCH-K® Advanced Workshop

  • Core Belief Balance: This process addresses 13 core beliefs that often keep us from realizing our full potential in life. This balance prepares the mind-body system for accelerated change. 

  • Belief Points: Using 12 energy points on the body derived from ancient acupressure, you gain valuable information about the ways you are limiting yourself in a given situation. These points make beliefs easy to access and easy to change. 

  • Life Bonding Balance: The “trauma of birth” and the “fear of death” are two powerful aspects of human experience. This balance utilizes breath as a means of reprogramming the negative impact of these influences in our lives. By directing the breath back and forth between these two power points in the body, you release the stress associated with the birth and death experience. 

  • Relationship Balance: This balance will help you release personal issues with others and better understand the lessons in any relationship. It will provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children as well as between spouses, friends, and lovers. 

  • Rapport: You will learn how to create a deep sense of trust and safety with others in a matter of minutes. 

  • Energy Focusing: This process allows you to focus energy to a point on the body in order to change the energy at a belief point or to correct an energy imbalance. 

  • Surrogation: This technique allows for change at a distance. Surrogation uses a substitute person for muscle testing and balancing in the absence of the person for whom the change ork is being done. Surrogation can be used to help friends, relatives, and even your pets!

  • Registration and Payment Process

    Dates: June 17-20 Times:

    Days 1-3: 9am-6pm. Day 4: 9am-4pm.

    Location: 5916 South Hood Avenue. Portland, Oregon 97239

    Tuition: $1200.     The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop is required.

    You do not need to take the Master Facilitation before taking the Advanced.

    Contact Us and Start Learning!

    Step 1: Contact us to ensure that there is space available. [email protected]

    Step 2: 50% payment to reserve your space or you may send the total tuition. The remaining balance is due by the first day of the workshop.

    Step 3: Send an email with how you would like to pay. Payment can be made by check, money orders, Zelle, or Venmo with no extra fees.

  • Checks/money orders: Make payable to Joan Cameron. Mail to: Joan Cameron 5916 South Hood Avenue. Portland, Or. 97239 

  • Venmo or Zelle – contact us for instructions. 

  • We will send you a PayPal link for Credit Card Payments Additional fees included: Advanced Workshop $35

  • Step 4: Include: 

  • Full name – or as you’d like to see it on the Affirmation of Completion.

  • Phone number 

  • Preferred Email 

  • Which workshop, location, and date you’ll be attending

  • PSYCH-K® Personal Sessions

    Helping You to Live Your Greatest Life


    Experience a heart-based private session with Joan  

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    Clients Sharing Their Experience

    “On my long journey to find better health, I’ve tried all kinds of different things. PSYCH-K is perhaps the strangest and hardest to explain of them all. I’m still not sure how it works, but I am sure that it does work and fast!

    – Carly

    By the end of my session, I already felt much different. By the time I got home, my mind and body were surging with energy. Every cell felt new-awake and happy and free. I was able to easily do things I hadn’t had the energy to do in years!”

    – Cindy L.

    “I am a changed person. I feel empowered, humbled, & honored. I highly recommend Joan. Joan has helped me become a better, healthier person and I have a career I truly love.”

    – Barb R.

    "This experience is a demonstration of the effectiveness & validation of PSYCH-K in your life. Before the accident, we had planned to spend the weekend at the Coast with my kids. After the accident, we decided to “stick to the plan.” The entire weekend, my body, mind & spirit felt wonderful. I hiked, biked and even climbed Cape Kiwanda twice! Joan, thank you so much for facilitating PSYCH-K to me and to others! I continue to use Psych-K regularly on me, and occasionally on others. I look forward to taking the Advanced Workshop so please let me know when you have that scheduled.”

    – Tammi D

    Human beings and our relationship with Mother Earth is at crisis point and a time of Great Awakening. The world needs your transformation. I am committed to helping you shine your brightest light to feed the ocean of consciousness with love.


    You can contact us via [email protected]