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Heart-Based Sessions with Joan  

Especially during these challenging times, it is important to change limiting beliefs and perceptions that may be keeping you stuck in doubt or fear to unleash your full potential. Your family, friends, and the world needs you

Transformative PSYCH-K® Experiences

One PSYCH-K Session: $225

Two PSYCH-K Sessions: $395

Sessions are 75-minutes.

Inner Awakening 90-Day Program
Accelerated Transformation. Life Transitions. Health Challenges.
Go to the Working with Joan for more details. 

Self-Realization. Accelerated Transformation. Connect with Nature.
Come to beautiful La Paz, Baja Mexico for a personal experience with Joan
Programs start at $6500.  Contact me for details.

PSYCH-K Sessions
If you’re ready for more passion, peace, and purpose I’ll help you to:

  • Achieve high speed change rather than weeks, months or longer doing affirmations, visualization, meditation, or talk therapy. 

  • Transform limiting beliefs into self-enhancing beliefs at the Subconscious Level for lasting change. 

  • Move your life forward as we don’t need to know the root cause of the situation, problem, trauma, stress to create change. 

  • Create goal statements to align your subconscious mind with even if you’re unsure of what’s going on in your subconscious, I’ll guide you step by step. 

  • Create a “Whole-Brain-State” for maximum potential to respond to life’s challenges. 

  • Experience change that is easy and fun with Joan as your passionate guide with thousands of hours experience in personal sessions and teaching over 150 PSYCH-K workshops around the world. 

  • Have action steps (that are doable) that accelerate your results to experience life how you want to. 

  • Unleash who you truly are and share your gifts with others.

  • What You’ll Receive:

    1. I will customize the session work on your specific challenges. I'll use my experience and pearls of wisdom in helping with over a thousand people, to efficiently and effecting help you get to the root cause and transform it!

    "I consider this work sacred and care deeply that each person matters and is important in helping to create a new world. A world based on love. 

    2. We'll change limiting beliefs, perceptions into self-enhancing beliefs at the Subconscious Level which is at a root cause level and where nearly all behaviors and thoughts originate. This process creates a “Whole-Brain State”which is an optimal balanced brain state to help you meet life’s challenges and reduces stress and fear.

    3. I’ll be sending you a document to help you prepare for the session and I’ll create a customized approach to have the maximum time in our session to experience the PSYCH-K process.

    4. By the end of the session you’ll walk away with a simple and effective action steps to accelerate your change.

    5. You’ll receive Post Session Recommendations and processes that will help experience the New Changes and increase your skill in self-reflection and creating changes in your life.

    6. If you decide to take the Two-Session Special Package, we'll schedule the second session in about 7-14 days which gives you time to take action and get feedback regarding the next layer of limiting beliefs that we can address in the second session. 

    Clients Sharing Their Experience

    “On my long journey to find better health, I’ve tried all kinds of different things. PSYCH-K is perhaps the strangest and hardest to explain of them all. I’m still not sure how it works, but I am sure that it does work and fast!

    – Carly

    "The biggest problem was that I wanted to help everyone else, but I realized I didn't care for myself. Joan helped me reprogram the limiting beliefs so I could love myself too. The weight lifted off my shoulders and the negativity about myself was gone. I now know how it actually feels to love myself. I wish that for everyone. ”

    – Matt T.

    “I am a changed person. I feel empowered, humbled, & honored. I highly recommend Joan. Joan has helped me become a better, healthier person and I have a career I truly love.”

    – Barb R.

    "This experience is a demonstration of the effectiveness & validation of PSYCH-K in your life. Before the accident, we had planned to spend the weekend at the Coast with my kids. After the accident, we decided to “stick to the plan.” The entire weekend, my body, mind & spirit felt wonderful. I hiked, biked and even climbed Cape Kiwanda twice! Joan, thank you so much for facilitating PSYCH-K to me and to others! I continue to use Psych-K regularly on me, and occasionally on others. I look forward to taking the Advanced Workshop so please let me know when you have that scheduled.”

    – Tammi D

    Human beings and our relationship with Mother Earth is at crisis point and a time of Great Awakening. The world needs your transformation. I am committed to helping you shine your brightest light to feed the ocean of consciousness with love.


    You can contact us via [email protected]